Emerald is the birthstone for May.  Emeralds are very beautiful however special care is required to keep them beautiful.  Do not clean any emerald jewelry in and ultrasonic cleaner or use a steamer to clean.  The best way to clean an emerald is to use a soft toothbrush and warm sudsy water.  Avoid using solvents when wearing an emerald ring.  

Emeralds are typically more included than any other gemstone.  Some may refer to the inclusions in emeralds as gardening.  Because emeralds are typically more included virtually all natural emeralds are enhanced with one or more subsances to mask the inclusions.  Generally some type of oil is used...it is because of that care must be exercised in cleaning an emerald.  As with many pieces of fine jewelry it is not advised that you wear your emerald jewelry while playing sports, gardening or other heavy work.